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Disclaimer. is not owned by or affiliated with To contact us at, please leave a comment or email us on


If you have any questions, you can contact the customer service team by phone. To call Customer Service, dial 1-888-853-9536 (Toll-free US phone number).

Have your card ready when call phone Customer Service, to provide the card’s 16-digit number. You may also have to provide the card’s 3-digit security number.

If your Prepaid Visa Card/Mastercard is about to expire, or has already expired, contact Cardholder Services at 1-888-853-9536 to ask for a replacement card with a new expiration date.



  1.’s login process is terrible. The first time I entered your system to verify the balance for the first time was successful. Since then I am unable to login to check my balance. Since then I have been unable to login to check the balance on the initial card. I have 2 additional cards which I am also unable to login to verify. Your instructions on your websight do not match the login box. I created a password the first time I went in. Your login box doesn’t even provide for a password to be used for return clients. On your websight is a picture of what you say your “Log in to your card account” box looks like which is incorrect.I have searched for a login box which matches what you show but it does not exist. Your login box for the “Returning Visitor” just asks for the 3 digit code from the back of the card. There is no where to enter the password which I created the first time I was in. Then when I type in the captcha code and hit validate it says I entered it incorrectly. Having tried it a dozen times, I hjave entered it correctly. Please help….. Today!!

  2. Message
    My message is an exact copy of Robert H. Duncan dated September 11, 2019.
    Now I’m afraid that this message will never get answered b

  3. Wow what rip off I gave them 160.00 and got 10.00 of gas and they put a 3 day hold on 100.00 I hung the gas pump 2 hours ago now I am screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buyers beware!!! I called and they would not release my 100.00 bucks the Girl Scout s have big advantage on these crooks in that they have adult supervision… 3 days really I need a job like that put stuff for 3 days??????!!!!!!!!

  4. I can see my complaint will go no where, after reading previous comments regarding your cards,you should be ashamed of yourself but your not because you hide iin your little safe space,my complaint is I foolishly purchased your card for my granddaughter, who works very hard for her money and Ive attempted to activate this worthless piece of plastic for 2 days now,shame on you for breaking het heart,

  5. You CANNOT register your card to make online purchases. Mastercard must be charged a fee with online purchases?!!! This should be a piece of cake!

  6. Please I need assistance with a card I’m getting frustrated need my money for life and her work can o get a reply some ones assistance

  7. I just got a gift card for christmas Do I have to do anything before going shopping or can I just go. I never go one like this before and I do’t know what to do. It is a Visa gift card. I am use to just going to the store and shopping I have never had to register the card. Someone bought it for me.

  8. llamen al numero 8888539536 (que viene detras de la targeta) despues les manda un link y sin colgar entran y se registran su nombre y codigo postal

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