www.Prepaidgiftbalance.com Login

www.Prepaidgiftbalance.com Login


Anybody living in the US can get a Prepaid Gift Card. The US Bank National Association issues this Gift Card to the individuals who apply for it. You can utilize this gift voucher anyplace in the US in the stores that acknowledge Visa and Mastercard credit and check cards. Individuals having a Prepaid Gift Card can check their outstanding parity utilizing the authority login entrance which is www.prepaidgiftbalance.com/login.

www.Prepaidgiftbalance.com Login.

This is how you log in and check the balance on your prepaid card.

Most importantly, click on the underneath connection to open the official site of Prepaidgiftbalance on your PC.

When you reach the site, you will see the Login page directly there on the right-half of the page.

You will see two separate windows. One is for new clients and the other one is for returning clients.

On the off chance that this is your first time visiting this site, at that point you should need to join first.

In the “First Time Login” window, enter your Card Account Number and afterward hit Enter.

Pursue the progression and set up your PrepaidGiftBalance account.

When you made the record, you can visit the site and sign into your record just by utilizing your card number and secret word.

After you Log in, you will most likely view your exchange history, your outstanding parity, and so on.

The www.prepaidgiftbalance.com site encourages you monitor how much equalization you have staying on your Prepaid Gift Card. In any case, you can deal with your record with the assistance of this straightforward guide.

With the assistance of the Prepaid Gift Card, you can buy products yet just in the US. In the event that you are abroad and endeavor to purchase anything with PrepaidGiftBalance Card, the exchange will be declined. There are no charges for utilizing it yet on the off chance that you don’t utilize it for a year in a row, at that point you should pay $2 expense.


  1. I had a $50.00 gift card that is registered. I got a new $100.00 gift card that needs to be registered. I think I have done what I was told to do several time with no success. What do I do now?

    1. Message I have had the same problem as you all. I had a debt to pay and counted on this Visa gift card to pay it. I have tried for 3 days to regestered it and it keeps telling me my card doesn’t exist. Now my debt is delinquent and I’m in trouble with the business, and I lost my item.Thanks allot Visa. Are you going to pay me for that. Your card stinks and I won’t buy another.

    1. I can not use this card my sister got me at Kroger. She. Put 75.00 dollars on this card and the 3 digit number on the back they said it doesn’t match the card number on the front

  2. I want to register my gift card and connect it to my name so I can use it correctly. We in heaven’s name can’t I do that anymore?

  3. This is ridiculous that i have typed in the info 30 times and it won’t log in. They have 4 complaints already on this page and haven’t fixed it. Figure it out.

  4. The system is not accepting my card number, I keep getting a message about updating my browser…the phone number on the back of the card just rings busy, mo automated answer.

  5. I am trying to register my card to make an online purchase, but no luck. I don’t even see a login window to put my card #. Need assistance.

  6. The link for login page does not work. I tried calling the number on the card and put my card # in and waited 35 minutes before I finally hung up. What it going on I need to activate my card for an online purchase.

  7. Message why is this so difficult! I put in the captcha like 25 times exactly the way it was shown and all it did was completely freeze the page and now I cannot make any online purchases with the gift card this is ridiculous!!!!

  8. Why cant I tell if my card is ready to go. Why is this so hard to do. Wow, for all i know I have given someone else all the info on my card, and I dont like that.

  9. Why does the Prepaidgiftbalance.com website give you such a run around? It ask you to enter the information and then want give you any information on the card. It’s like a dog chasing it’s tail.

  10. Yep it has become impossible to register a gift card or check my balance. The Prepaidgiftbalance.com site don’t work anymore , i don’t know why they responsible can’t fix this!

  11. I’ve tried numerous times to activate my card and have tried numerous ways, I don’t have a 4 digit pin so that hoses me with the phone system. This is bullshit and I’ll definitely warn everyone against this particular card until the website and call center issues are fixed.

  12. I tried to use my card today at Walmart and it asked me to put in a pin. There was no option to enter a pin when I registered my card. So now what?? I seemingly can’t use my card without the pin.

  13. Me ha sido imposible registrar mi tarjeta par a hacer mis compras en línea, exigí una solución. En vía teléfonica me cuelgan

  14. Message This is the absolute worst app I have ever tried to use. I have tried to activate this card 50 times! Every time I type in the account number I get a recording that says “the account number must be 16 numbers…….I typed in 16 numbers every time….doesn’t work!!! Fix it!!!

  15. Same comments over and over! I did get to a person to register but I kept up with my spending and I know I had more on my balance and this crap of a website doesn’t have a true log in step! This is ridiculous!!!

  16. These cards are a scam
    Can’t access the money so they keep it!
    Have to give all this info just to redeem $25..
    So stupid!!!!

  17. Call the number on the back of the card and speak to a CSR to get registered. You must first provide the account number and 3-digit code on the back of the card.

  18. I have tried to register my Visa prepaid gift card for online purchases multiple times. Every time we try to register the gift cards for online purchases the site says it cannot process the information and asks you to call the number on the gift card. I have tried to call the number. I even had the family member who gave me the gift card call the number. And each time the call was dropped!
    Multiple people have commented about this issue and it has yet to be fixed. 
    This isn’t the only problem that I, and others have had with the prepaid gift cards.
    This is completely ridiculous!

  19. Message
    I tried for 3 days to change my pin. They keep asking me for my 16 digit number then they send me to an automated area so then I could change my PIN and it sends me back to an operator that sends me back to an automatic system that does not work getting very frustrated for three days now nobody knows how to help me.

  20. The maker of this card are thieves. Its was activated for my daughter as a gift. She was saving her cards until she got $200. Well when she got ready to use it the paid amount of $50 dollars in the card was gone. I WILL PASS THIS ON TO EVEYTHAT I KNOW NOT TO PURCHASE A VARD FROM THESE GUYS.

  21. MeI am trying to find the page for new customers, etc. Please show tell me or show me where the first time login page so that I can register my card online! and then check the balance on my card!

  22. You can call the number on the back of your card for balances and to register your card. I don’t understand why you need an address to register it though. I advised the person that the website does not work and she seemed to simply not care.

    Will suggest no one purchase these cards in the future.

  23. I am trying to register a gift card, but the message is “Oops, something went wrong. Try again. I have tried again four times and get the same result. I tried to call the customer service number. I spent a lot of time on hold with no results. From earlier comments, this seems to be an on-going problem. HELP!!

  24. Message I am trying to register my new card for online purchases…..how do I get started? Please show me where the first time login page is so I can get started.

  25. the card has been rejected 3 times by 3 different merchants! this card is very difficult to use!
    I would never purchase another or give as a gift!
    Debbie L

  26. Message I have 65.00 on total on two gift cards.. They both have expired and unlike other cards I purchased, yours is not giving me the option to get two other cards for the balance.. the recording gave me no option to do either!! What a RIP OFF!!!

  27. am trying to find the page for new customers, etc. Please show tell me or show me where the first time login page so that I can register my card online! and then check the balance on my card!

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